Informal Paths

MAXXI Museo Nazionale delle Arti del XXI Secolo, Rome

Exhibition and Public Speechs, April 2 to May 3, 2015

Valle Borghesiana a "toponimo" of Rome is the starting point of the smu-research and of the S.M.U.R. exhibition project. It exemplifies in a paradigmatic manner the territorial self-planning and self-management processes affecting many territories of Italy, where unauthorized development is the normalcy. The exhibition presents an extract of the work done by the group based on a tight relationship with the neighbourhood’s citizens. Vasset’s first-person narrative acts as counterbalance to SMU-research work, and it invades the gallery both in its immaterial dimension – through the voice which permeates the space – and in its physical dimension – through pieces of writing printed on the walls.

The reading room invites visitors to read the publications and productions of the research and artists group.

Informal Paths include a cycle of Public Speech which “activates” the gallery space. The recordings  of all meetings with artists, activists, critics and intellectuals are accesible to the public in the exhibition spaces for the whole duration of the exhibition.

Works by:

Sabine Bitter & Helmut Weber, Alison Crawshaw, Christian Hanussek, Alessandro Lanzetta, Antonella Perin, Susanna Perin, Alexander Schellow, Philippe Vasset, Tobias Zielony

Public Speechs

Wednesday 1 April , 7.00 pm


Project presentation by:
Hanru Hou | J. Becker, (metroZones) | G. Kreuter-Lenz, H. Burggrabe (Goethe-Institut Rom) |
SMU-research:  C. Cellamare, A. Lanzetta, A. Perin, S.Perin | Philippe Vasset | Alison Crawshaw | Helmut Weber |

Thursday 9 April, 5.00 pm


Presentations and lectures by:
Pippo Ciorra | Gruppo G124 |Philippe Vasset | Giovanni Attili | Lorenzo Romito | Alexander Schellow

Friday 17 April, 5.00 pm


Presentations and lectures by:
Alessio Rosati | Alessandro Lanzetta | Eugenio Tibandi | Massimo Ilardi |  Aldo Aymonino | Alessandra Criconia

Friday 24 April, 5.00 pm


Presentations and lectures by:
Carlo Cellamare | Valerio Muscella e/and Paolo Palermo, Webdoc 4Stelle Hotel | Stefano Montesi e/and Roberto De Angelis | Francesco Caruso | Metropoliz | Antonella Perin