S.M.U.R. Informal Common Grounds of a Metropolitain Area

Museum Bärengasse
Masterstudiengang Curating, ZHdK, Zürich
In the framework of: Working with the Community,
Lecture and  Workshop by Susanna Perin, 26 Avril 2014 at 10.00h

Learning from Self Made Urbanism. Visuelle Erkundungen & Präsentationsformen des Städtischen

Institut für Geschichte und Theorie der Gestaltung / UdK
Vortrag von Jochen Becker / metroZones
27. November 2013 um 16:00h, Universität der Künste, Lietzenburger Str. 45, Raum 215, 10789 Berlin
More: Universität der Künste Berlin

The Diagrammatic Practice of the Micropolitical –

the Spatio‐temporal Expression of Play between Power, Knowledge and the Aesthetics of Existence
Symposium curated by: Dimitrina Sevova and Christoph Brunner
A cooperation with Z+ http://www.zhdk.ch/zplus

Thursday, 14 November at 2 pm
In the framework of: Post Fordist City and the Playground of Precarity
Lecture by Susanna Perin: Self Made Urbanism Rome

More Informations: outdoorplay.tumblr.com
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Self Organized Urbanism: Rome, Berlin, Detroit

Visiting Scholar Lecture Series
Curated by Hannah Kelley, Aeron Bergman and Alejandra Salinas.

Institute for Neo-Connotative Action, Detroit
750 Delaware St, Detroit, MI

Sunday, 29 September 2013 at 7pm

With Jochen Becker, Amir Husak and Kimberley Kinder. Introduced by Hannah Kelley.

Jochen Becker's talk will focus on his latest curatorial project "S.M.U.R. : Self Made Urbanism Rome". S.M.U.R. is an exhibition exploring the Via Casilina, an arterial road in Rome running south-east from the central Porta Maggiore to the city’s borders and beyond. The area fascinated Romantic artists who viewed this urban-rural landscape as complementing the historical and cultural densification with classical temples and inner city palazzi. The artists taking part in the S.M.U.R. project apply contemporary methods to investigate this historical terrain. In this process, they are continuing art history in a new way. In an exchange with scholars and city activists, they explore the self-built and self-organised city expanding here over the last hundred years.

More Informations: http://www.incainstitute.org/